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Tomnk 120pcs 4ml Plastic Cupcake Pipettes Squeeze Dropper Liquid Infuser Transfer Pipettes for Cupcakes, Strawberries

Highlighted Features

  • Package contains 1 super-value set of 120 plastic
  • Size: 120mm*650mm; Capacity:4ml
  • Translucent white color to show the liquid color inside the
  • Made from high quality food-grade plastic, clear, soft, convenient, easy to
  • Suitable for cupcakes, strawberry lollipops, ice cream, mini cakes, waffles, chocolate and so

Package contains 1 super-value set of 120 plastic pipettes with big quantity and high quality. Size: 120mm*650mm; Capacity:4ml Translucent white color to show the liquid color inside the pipette Made from high quality food-grade plastic, clear, soft, convenient, easy to use. Ours are different from the majority of pipettes on the market, our pipettes are of high quality and flexible feel, with moderate hardness, not like the kind of pipettes that will get out of shape after using for a while. Suitable for cupcakes, strawberry lollipops, ice cream, mini cakes, waffles, chocolate and so on. our high quality pipettes can not only increase the taste of your dessert, but also make your cake look more unique, with a sense of shape!


  • UPC: 611434238800
  • ASIN: B072L16189
  • Brand: TOMNK
  • Manufacturer: Tomnk
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    • Best Choice - #1 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 17 Reviews
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    Cocktail Smoker - INCLUDES WOOD CHIPS - Smoking Gun | Smoke Meat, Drink & Food Indoor Infuser | Ultimate Sous Vide Foodie Accessories Gift

    Highlighted Features

    • NOW INCLUDES WOOD CHIPS - with other handheld smokers, you'll have to purchase wood chips separately. But we've specially built our bundle to include all the accessories you'll need to smoke your favorite cocktail, charcuterie, or cheeseboard. The GKC portable
    • ELEGANTLY SIMPLE: Our handheld smoke infuser is engineered to the perfect size for smoking your meals and drinks with cool INDOOR smoke, transforming your gourmet kitchen skills. Too cold outside to smoke your rack of ribs? Not enough time to
    • BONUSES! You'll receive a downloadable recipe guide filled with tips & recipes for smoking the best craft cocktail or scotch, sous vide meats, and appetizer spreads. Also, we are building a growing library of some of the best at-home gourmet
    • CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE: GKC strives to create complete customer satisfaction, period. Reach out to us anytime, for any reason so we can help solve any problems that arise - our customers are more important than sales. And if we can't
    • WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: At GKC, we love to cook. We use our products daily and we only use the best. We provide the exact same for our customers. We offer the most convenient devices to add the

    NOW INCLUDES WOOD CHIPS! The perfect accessory for bringing smoky aroma and flavor to your culinary and mixology creations! The elegantly simple Gramercy Kitchen Co. smoke infuser machine brings that perfect finishing touch to your meat or drink in less than a minute. Smokers can be incredibly cumbersome - but here, there is nothing complicated or digital, and there is no need for a big propane grill or BBQ. Simply grab a cover or dome you already have in your kitchen, place the meal you'd like to smoke on a plate or cutting board, cover the food or drinks you want to smoke, place the injection hose under the dome, and fire the chips. Smoke will billow out of the injection hose will billow into your dome. Remove the injection hose and let your creation sit under the dome for as little as two minutes or as many as fifteen.This cold or cool smoking technique as it is known does not change the temperature of your dish, so it won't ruin the perfect edge-to-edge sous vide cooking. A great addition to any camping or backpacking trip as well - easy to pack and use on the go, and our exclusive storage bag keeps everything together. Easy to use, just insert a few wood chips - we recommend hickory or mesquite for most drinks or foods - especially meats such as steaks, fish, beef jerky or e... [Read More]


  • UPC: 861413000366
  • ASIN: B078JL6C7B
  • Brand: Gramercy Kitchen Company
  • Manufacturer: Gramercy Kitchen Company
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    • Best Choice - #2 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 14 Reviews
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    Smoking Gun Food Smoker Portable Hand-held Smoke Infuser for Food Cocktails Drinks, 4 AA Batteries Operated, Glass Dome Cloche Cover Included, Black

    Highlighted Features

    • Perfect Design & Smoking Tools & Home Decor - The smoke gun is in Triangle/Pyramid modeling, not only a smoking tool but also a decor on your table; the top lid designed to be a stopper of the matching glass
    • Glass Smoking Cloche Cover Included & Get Smoking Flavor Fast - Hand-held portable smoker for food and drinks with a glass dome cover(Diameter: 3.94 Height: 5.12) included in the package; Adds smoky flavor and aroma to your food or drinks
    • Natural Smoke Flavor & Cold Smoke - The smoking gun use real wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried flowers, produces cold smoke for your food or drinks without changing their texture or temperatures. Away from strong fire burning and
    • Battery Operated & Widely Used - Powered by 4 AA batteries(NOT included) for use anywhere; Suitable for sous vide meat, cocktails, vegetables, cheese, veggies...suitable for your home kitchen, bar, restaurant, or outdoor use like BBQ, picnic, hiking, fishing etc. Delicately
    • Maintance & Warranty - To preserve its durability and life, please frequently empty the burn chamber of the smoke gun, wipe with a damp rag and dry it properly. We provide 30 DAY MONEY BACK AND ONE YEAR FREE QUALITY

    A portable smoking gun in Triangle/Pyramid modeling is not only an food smoker tool but also an table decor in the kitchen or home bar. A Smoke Infuser Use Natural Aroma Wood Chips , With NO Artificial Flavor! How about an Apple-wood smoked Bloody Mary? Or a piece of Hickory Flavor Beef? Just get our portable smoking gun and Get ready to enjoy smokehouse flavors food or drinks which will make you salivate. The portable smoke gun allows you to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with natural smoky flavors like apple-wood, hickory, teas, spices or dried flowers etc. without adding any heat. Simply load the hand-held cocktail smoker with wood chips, then light the chips on and blow smoke into the included matching glass cloche cover or a covered container of any kind, allow it to infuse a few minutes, then start enjoying the creative smoking food or drinks with you friends and families! You can also try smoking your foods twice for a deepest smoked flavor. Specifications: - Material: Stainless steel, rubber, plastic - Size: 6.1 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches - Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries required (NOT included) Tips and Notice: - Children are not allowed to use this hand-held smoking gun - Always use this hand-held smoking infuser in an upright position - Never operate this tiny smoke mach... [Read More]


  • ASIN: B07Y6LT4WX
  • Brand: TMKEFFC
  • Manufacturer: TMKEFFC
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    • Best Choice - #3 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 45 Reviews
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    NIA Portable Smoke Infuser Hand-held Cold Smoking Gun Small Kitchen Smoker for Food including Any Meat, Cheese & Cocktails

    Highlighted Features

    • QUICK SMOKE FLAVOR: Our Handheld Food Smoker can add a variety of natural smoky flavor to your meats, seafood, cheese, nuts, desserts, beverages and cocktail drink in a few seconds! This sleek portable food smoker is designed to use various
    • SIMPLE START: The smoking gun offers effortless operation. Just put the wood chips in the smoking chamber, place the hose in a covered bowl or ziplocked bag, turn it on then use a match or lighter to ignite the wood
    • BATTERY OPERATED: Our design is so compact and easy to Assemble or disassemble. Quickly power it on with 4xAA Batteries (not included) and you carry the power of a smokehouse in a lightweight yet extremely efficient device right in the
    • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: This Infusion Smoker is safely designed in aluminum alloy & silicone that are food grade materials. The anodized aluminum chamber is used for releasing the cool smoke. The flexible 10" hose extender makes it easy to use
    • MAINTENANCE & WARRANTY--- One-Year HASSLE-FREE Warranty and OUTSTANDING Customer Service. . Warranty covers defects and malfunctions. We want our customers to buy with absolute CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY as we will be there to support and solve any concerns and issues

    Package includes smoking gun only. Introducing the perfect accessory to add authentic smokehouse flavor to any cocktails, meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, in a matter of minutes. This compact size is so easy to handle, carry & store. It offers the same impact & depth of flavor but in a small powerful device; without the time consuming and expensive procedure of a traditional smokehouse. The cold smoke will not change the texture or temperature of the food or drink at all. There is no need to presoak the woodchips, so no mess & no hassle; with the most ease of use & clean up (woodchips not included). This device utilizes a wide variety of wood smoking chips, teas and spices, hay, dried flowers, and herbs. You will be amazed at the wide array of foods you can smoke like, Salmon right after plating, serve smoked cheese or butters, salads, sauces, chocolate, meringues and fruits to create the most indulging cheeseboard platters that will WOW your guests. You'll be hooked after your first use. There is no electricity required so it makes the perfect travel accessory for indoor & outdoor (picnic, camping & hiking) use.


  • UPC: 732940999655
  • Brand: NIA
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    • Best Choice - #4 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 59 Reviews
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    Chefhut Portable Smoke Infuser Handheld Cold Smoking Gun Indoor Mini Food Smoker for Meat, Cocktail, Drinks, BBQ

    Highlighted Features

    • DOESN'T GET HOT: This cocktail smoker gun is designed with premium quality food grade material aluminum alloy and silicon. Safe to use. This cold smoking gently infuses the right amount of natural cool smoke to enhance the flavors without soaking
    • ADD REAL SMOKE FLAVOR: Variety of natural smoky flavors can be added within minutes by using this BBQ SMOKER to your all types of meats, sea food, desserts, cocktails, nuts, sauces, vegetables for salad and cheese. Various types of smoking
    • INDOOR & OUTDOOR GATHERINGS: The most convenient indoor smoker device to add the best smoky taste to your prepared meals and drinks without any heat. It takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to add smoky flavor to your food. Perfect
    • EASY TO USE: bbq smoker is powered by 4xAA batteries (not included). The mini smoker is much lightweight so can be carry around easily. After use it can be cleaned easily. You can separate its head by pulling it and
    • CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE: Chefhut believes in "Customer first" so we make it sure that our customers should be 100% satisfied with our small smoker. If after purchase, you are not happy with the product for any reason, contact us and

    Get the Aroma of Wood Chips or Natural Flavors Quickly without Any Hassle or Mess! Chefhut is introducing best cold smoker to add cold smoky flavor and aroma to any drink, cocktail or food in minutes. It is battery operated smoking device so it can be easily carried anywhere, and it is perfect accessory for outdoor (Hiking, camping or picnic) or indoor use. After using one time you will be hooked with our wonderful meat smoker device. Specifications Material: Alloyed Aluminum and Silicon Color: Silver Weight: 0.21 kg or 0.46 lb Compact and Light weight Easy to Store


  • UPC: 758475991292
  • ASIN: B07TXK154M
  • Brand: Chefhut
  • Manufacturer: Chefhut
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    • Best Choice - #5 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 94 Reviews
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    homia Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser - Extended Plus Kit, 14 PCS, Portable Electric Smoker Machine with Accessories and Wood Chips - Cold Smoke for Food and Drinks

    Highlighted Features

    • SET INCLUDED 14 PCS FOR INSTANT START - get your hands on this smoker while you still can! You get smoking gun, flexible hose, disk Lid, smoking lid, smoking ball, 7 flavors wood chips, 4 x AA batteries, 5 extra
    • EXTENDED SMOKING GUN SET - everything you need to have the best smoked food - include wooden chips, specially designed lid and cup cover disk. Flexible hose and specially designed nozzle make this Smoking Gun a versatille all-purpose Food Smoker.
    • EASY ONE-BUTTON USE WITH TWO SMOKING SPEEDS - for high and moderate smoking; fast lighting wood chips. Generates intense cold smoke that is easily absorbed into food and drinks for that tender smokey
    • MULTI-USE SMOKING MACHINE - Meat, Fish, Cheese, Pasta, Whiskey, Cocktail - add a smoky flavor to virtually any food or
    • ADD A DELICIOUS SMOKY FLAVOR to your food and drinks in just no time. Portable, convenient and easy to use Food Smoker will produce cold smoke and apply a delightful flavor to your grilled or sous vide meat, veggies, cheese,

    Smoking gun will turn any of your dishes into a romantic campfire-like meals


  • UPC: 704715852816
  • ASIN: B07S628R4S
  • Brand: homia
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    • Best Choice - #6 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 54 Reviews
    • Warranty: 3 year warranty
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    Roimtea Tea Ball & Tea Bucket Infuser 2 pack, Premium Mesh Loose Leaf Tea Strainer with Extented Chain Hook, Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Infuser for Brewing & Steeping

    Highlighted Features

    • Perfect Set - Roimtea's infuser includes 1 tea ball infuser and 1 tea bucket infuser, which provide you convenience and flexibility according to your personal preferences. Pefectly matching most cups, mugs and
    • Roomy Tea Strainer - Large capacity makes tea to circulate, instead of being compressed. It allows the full flavor to infuse tea. The lid keeps the tea leaves inside the strainer from
    • Easy to Use - Simply fill the tea infuser according to your preferred taste and put it into your tea mugs, fine mesh holes will hold the loose tea leaves and allow flavor gradually drift
    • Satisfaction guaranteed - We are always committed to providing high-quality tea products to customers, offering 24/7 customer service. If you are not satisfied with your item, please contact us and we will try our best to address your
    • Premium Quality - Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, Odor & Chemical


  • UPC: 747130161460
  • ASIN: B07WG58VMK
  • Brand: Fondlove
  • Manufacturer: Pattra
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    • Best Choice - #7 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 46 Reviews
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    Smokitcen Smoker Gun Handheld Smoking Box Smoke Infuser for Food

    Highlighted Features

    • INFUSE SMOKE FLAVOR:Smokitcen-Smoking Gun food smoker quickly adds natural cold smoke flavor and aroma to beaf , fish , vegetables , meats, seafood, cheese, nuts, desserts, beverages and cocktail drink in a few
    • SMOKING MATERIAL:You can use wood chips such as Hickory, Mesquite, Applewood, Cherrywood or even teas, herbs and spices (not included),The Smokitcen portable smoker offers a CLEANING BRUSH and a high-quality Stainless steel TWEEZTERS both EXCLUSIVE to our product and Use
    • EASY USED:Easy assemble, disassemble and portable,The Smokitcen smoking gun is powered by 4xAA batteries (NOT included),It can be used home kitchen, bar, restaurant, or outdoor use like BBQ, picnic, hiking, fishing
    • PRODUCT SIZE:(5.9" x 1.3" x 1.3" )We designed it to be very light, small, convenient and easy to carry Convenience
    • MAINTENANCE WARRANTY:Often disassemble and remove combustion chamber soot,Wipe with a damp cloth.We provide 30 DAY MONEY BACK AND ONE YEAR FREE QUALITY WARRANTY. For any questions you are welcome to contact us at any

    Smokitcen Handheld Food Smoker Gun Smoker Box Smoking Food & Drink Smoke Flavor Infuser Include:A.1 x Smoke BoxB.1 x Silicone HoseC.1 x Cleaning BrushD.1 x Stainless steel TweeztersE.1 x Used MenuF.1 X Color packing box Function:1.Smoked Steak2.Smoked Salmon3.BBQ Food Smoking4.Smoker Veggies5.Smoked Cheese6.Smoking Cocktail7.Smoked DesertsPortable Infusion Smoker Gun For Kitchen Indoor/Outdoor How to clean: Step 1-Insert 4 AA batteries into the bottom of the smoker gun, then install the smoker Hose. Step 2-Choose Your Favorite Flavor of Wood Chips then put wood chips (like hickory, apple, Oak,Maple etc.) into the metal placement.(Better fill in about 1/2 of the amount wood chips ,Do not force the wood chips into it) Step 3-Click the button and start the smoker machine (Please first turn on the smoker gun and then light the wood chips(Important), in this way the smoker can spout more fluently and easily) Step 4-Ignite The Wood Chips with matches, Igniter And Start Your Food/Drinks Smoker Recipe enjoy it


  • UPC: 719209012799
  • ASIN: B07VD7V528
  • Brand: Smokitcen
  • Manufacturer: Smokitcen
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    • Best Choice - #8 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 77 Reviews
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    Portable Smoke Infuser Gun with Wood Chips, Hose, Dome and Drinking Lid - Handheld Electric Smoker Machine for Cocktail Drink, Whiskey, Outdoor BBQ, Meat, Pizza and Food Cooking

    Highlighted Features

    • 🔥 COMPLETE SMOKING SET - Our smoking gun comes with all the accessories you need to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods and drinks: dome, drinking lid, hose, apple wood chips and replacement mesh
    • 🔥 ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS - Our smoke infuser gun features dual-flow air speeds for high and moderate smoking. By controlling smoke intensity, cold smoke is easily absorbed for a rich flavor and
    • 🔥 VERSATILE & ALL-PURPOSE - Cold smoke is gentle on delicate food and drinks. Infuse natural cool smoke to your meats, sauces, poultry, fish, soups or vegetables. Add a smoky hint to cocktails, ice cream or
    • 🔥 SIMPLE TO USE - Just fill the burn chamber with your apple wood chips, then light the chamber using a match or long flame lighter. Apply the flexible hose directly to your food or
    • 🔥 EASY TO CLEAN - The burn chamber is detachable and has a large opening, making it easy to wipe with a damp cloth. The chamber is also dishwasher safe. Just store upright when not in

    Want to impart delicious nuanced flavors to your dishes and drinks? There's really no magic to cooking flavorful dishes. Even professionals keep on trying out different spices and techniques to bump up the flavors of their foods-after all, cooking is both an art and a science. If you want to wow your guests and get that "holy smokes!" reaction, adding a little hint of smoke can transform the most ordinary dish into something extra special. But, owning a bulky smoke machine that is hard to handle and takes up a lot of space in your kitchen won't cut it. What you need is a handheld smoker that you can carry anywhere. Cypress Sunrise's Smoke Infuser Gun intensifies the flavor and aroma of your favorite foods and beverages with one push of a button! Inspired by the techniques you watch on popular cooking shows? You can now smoke your food indoors from the comfort of your home with our smoke infuser gun! Enjoy countless dishes like smoked yoghurt, smoked salmon or smoked risotto. Our infuser adds a smoky flavor and aroma with very little effort. The longer the smoking time, the more the flavor intensifies. It also produces cold smoke that preserves different kinds of food and drinks without heat. With a compact and portable design and construction, the gun allows for easy storage. It... [Read More]


  • UPC: 692264950926
  • ASIN: B07R5PP4YT
  • Brand: Cypress Sunrise
  • Manufacturer: Cypress Sunrise
  • Information

    • Best Choice - #9 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 84 Reviews
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    Breville BSM600SILUSC Smoking Gun Food Smoker, Silver/Black

    Highlighted Features

    • Breville-Smoking Gun food smoker quickly adds natural cold smoke flavor and aroma to meat, fish, vegetables, sauces, and cocktails without using
    • Features integrated stand, dual air speeds, removable silicone extender hose (17.5-Inch), and detachable .75-Inch 18/8 stainless steel burn
    • Easier, lighter, quieter than traditional smoker accessories; portable indoors and out; smoke with wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried
    • Ideal for home chefs and mixologists; includes smoker, replacement screens, .5-ounce apple and hickory wood chips, batteries, Instructions and
    • Compact storage; disassembles without tools for cleaning; wipe with a damp cloth; burn chamber is dishwasher safe; 1-year manufacturer's
    • Number of pieces: 5

    The Smoking Gun food smoker for home chefs and mixologists adds big, smoky flavor and aroma to foods and cocktails in just 5 minutes without adding heat. A smaller, more versatile alternative to traditional smoker accessories, it requires no presoaking wood chips or cooking for hours for that rich smoky flavor. It does not cook or preserve food, or change textures or temperatures. Cold smoking with The Smoking Gun has never been easier. Gently infuse measured amounts of natural cool smoke to prepared and delicate foods to enhance flavor. Lightweight (.75-pounds) and low noise (58 dB) for comfortable single-hand use. Dual-flow air speeds (7.1 and 11.1 m/s) to control smoke intensity. Detachable .75-inch 18/8 stainless steel burn chamber for easier loading and cleaning. Smoke meat, poultry, fish in a flash after plating. Elevate bartender recipes for exciting smoked drinks, like Smoky Marini, Smoky Mary and Dragon's Breath. This battery operated portable smoker works indoors and out to infuse smoky flavors from wood smoking chips, teas and spices, hay, dried flowers and herbs. Creatively pair combustibles with foods, like cheese and smoky dill, butter with rosemary or thyme, smoke sauces, tomatoes for salads, chocolate, meringues and fruits. To use, simply fill burn chamber with co... [Read More]


  • UPC: 021614058133
  • Brand: Breville
  • Size: Smoking Gun
  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Information

    • Best Choice - #10 Food Infuser
    • Checked on 12/11/2020
    • Based on 56 Reviews
    • Warranty: 1 year limited product warranty
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    Simple Ecology Worlds Best Reusable Organic Cotton Muslin Fine Mesh Straining Bags - Set of 4 (L, M, S, XS) (nut milk, cold brew, coffee filter, loose leaf tea infuser, food juice pulp strainer)

    Simple Ecology Worlds Best Reusable Organic Cotton Muslin Fine Mesh Straining Bags - Set of 4 (L, M, S, XS) (nut milk, cold brew, coffee filter, loose leaf tea infuser, food juice pulp


    • Color: Off-White
    • Size: Set of 4 (L, M, S, XS)4

    Muslin Straining Bags help eliminate excess waste from live, like those single use coffee filters, individually packaged tea bags, or standard cheese cloths. Commercial quality durable construction that will last for years. Extra strong exterior overlock stitching prevents strained particles from getting trapped in the stitching, and round bottom prevents debris in corners...Made from a special 2.5 oz. single-ply organic cotton muslin fabric with a relaxed woven, fine mesh construction, which allows the liquid to pass easier. This allows a lot less work to squeeze out those last drops, and keeps the strained liquid pulp and sediment free...Perfect for all
    Perfect for all your straining needs, from brewing loose leaf tea or cold brew coffee, to straining homemade nut milks, to much, much moreAvailable in 4 sizes--Large – 12 x 13 in: perfect for nut milk, yogurt, and larger straining jobs--Medium – 7 x 10 in: for wide mouth mason jars, perfect for larger batches of cold brew coffee--Small – 6 x 8 in: for regular mouth mason jars, perfect for smaller batches of cold brew coffee--X-Small – 3.5 x 5.5 in: sized for tea pots or large cups for steeping tea--ALL sizes can be used for steeping herbs &

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    Serena Tea Tea Infuser 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA Free - Blue

    Serena Tea Tea Infuser 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA Free -


    • Color: Blue

    Serena Tea Tea Infuser 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA Free - Blue
    For a great tasting cup of tea, every time! Made with high-quality, BPA free and FDA approved 100% food grade silicone, the Serena Tea tea infuser is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. Ideal for loose and bagged tea, the infuser brews fresh, delicious tea every time. The stainless steel infusion chamber does not retain or add any unwanted flavors to your beverage. To help keep messes to a minimum, the Serena Tea infuser comes with a drip tray to catch loose leaves and water. The cute leaf design makes it not only functional but great for brightening up your favorite cup

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